Saturday, January 19, 2008

Serving in the Wind!

Living in Southern California has it's advantages. One of them is the fact that we enjoy two seasons out here: Nice and really nice. When we have a high pressure build-up to the east of us, we get a weather condition known as a "Santa Ana." This condition is responsible for the fires that received widespread attention. It also produces some great summer days right in the middle of winter for the rest of the country. SoCalis get a kick out of calling/e-mailing our friends to the east of us and telling them about how "Nice" it is here.....

Well.......I was at the beach last Wednesday at Moonlight playing our usual "Old Man" King of the Court Game, when the wind suddenly shifted from a slight Santa Ana to a 15-20 MPH onshore wind (Opposite direction.) To say siding-out was a chore, would be an understatement. For one thing, nobody could serve the ball in the court. Until, I reminded myself to do exactly what I teach at my clinics: Do not throw the toss high out of your hand.

One of the mistakes I see young players do is to toss the ball too high. You lose control when you do this. You have to hit the ball in the "Sweet Spot" when serving to insure you indent the ball. In the wind, this can be a big problem as even if you throw the ball up 12 inches, you are going to have the wind move the ball before you contact it. You will miss waaaaay too many serves.

Toss the ball low in the wind!


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