Sunday, May 15, 2011

Letter (and help) from one of my adults at a volleyball camp

Hi Pat -

Thank you for coming to Minnesota for the November 12-13 clinic. It was GREAT! I am most grateful for the review of how to get topspin on my hits. I will be working on the four-step progression (which I was happy to see on your website too). I am also going to work on my peripheral vision. It was shocking for me to realize how unskilled I am at seeing the blockers while I am setting!

I am also happy to have more volleyball-specific shoulder exercises to add to my physical therapy routine, especially the one that should help me hit better.

I wanted to make a suggestion to you. You might consider promoting the use of Thera-Band Exercise Bands instead of the 3/16-inch tubing. The advantage of the bands over the tubing is that you can purchase different colored bands representing different amounts of resistance. Here is a link to the web site which explains the different bands available:

I use the red, green, and blue bands for my exercises. The problem with the 3/16-inch tubing is that there is too much resistance. People will either do fewer reps or - worse - do the exercises incorrectly. The muscles in the rotator cuff are so small that doing the exercises with even a small amount of resistance is enough of a workout. You don't need tons of resistance. I couldn't do the PNF touchdown exercise with your tubing, but I can do it with my red Thera-Band.

I also wanted to tell you about my Bodyblade. I love it for making my little muscles (that would not otherwise be challenged) work! Here's its website as well as an article comparing the use of the Bodyblade with Thera-Bands. (The bottom line of the article is that the Bodyblade might be better for rehab than it is for strengthening to begin with.)

Thank you for all you do for volleyball players and for the sport of volleyball!

- Annie Muske (the only adult woman at the Minnesota clinic!)