Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Schedule

Apr 27-28 Phoenix Volleyball Camps Phoenix spring, AZ $145 Chicago Volleyball Camps May 4-5 Chicago, IL $ 145 Northside College Prep Tampa Volleyball Camp May 11-12 Tampa, FL $140 Tampa Prep School Fairfield Volleyball Camp May 25-26 Fairfield, CA $145 Rodriguez High School Boston Volleyball Camps Jun 8-9 Boston, MA $145 Massasoit Community College Atlanta Volleyball Camps Jun 15-16 Atlanta , GA $140 Roswell High School Easely Volleyball Camp Jun 17-18 Easley, SC $140 JB Red Owens Sports Complex Nashville Volleyball Camps Jun 19-20 E Nashville, TN $145 Battle Ground Academy New York Volleyball Camps Jun 22-23 Queens, NY $150 St. Johns University Moline Volleyball Camp Jun 24-25 Quad Cities, IL $145 Black Hawk College Milwaukee Volleyball Camps Jun 26-27 Milwaukee, WI $ 145 Milwaukee County Sports Complex Cincinnati Volleyball Camps Jun 29-30 Cincinnati, OH $145 Sports Plus Sterling Volleyball Camps Jul 1-2 Sterling, VA $145 Dulles SportsPlex Hatboro Volleyball Camp Jul 6-7 Hatboro, PA $145 Kelly Bolish Gym St. Louis Volleyball Camps Jul 8-9 St Louis, MO $145 Parkway West High School San Antonio Volleyball Camps Jul 11-12 San Antonio, TX $145 Factory of Champions Dallas Volleyball Camps Jul 13-14 Dallas, TX $145 Volleyball Institute of Plano Houston Volleyball Camps Jul 15-16 Houston, TX $145 FAST Complex Kansas City Volleyball Camp Jul 18-19 Kansas City, MO $145 Parkville Athletic Center Denver Volleyball Camp Jul 20-21 Denver, CO $145 Front Range Volleyball Club San Diego Volleyball Camps Jul 23-25 San Diego, CA $145 Encinitas YMCA Phoenix Volleyball Camp Jul 27-28 Phoenix, AZ $145 Kingdom Courts Las Vegas Volleyball Camp Jul 30-31 Las Vegas, NV $145 Chuck Minker Gym San Francisco Volleyball Camps Aug 3-4 San Francisco, CA $145 The Foundry Seattle Volleyball Camps Aug 5-6 Seattle, WA $145 Kent Commons Portland Volleyball Camps Aug 7-8 Portland, OR $140 The Hoop Orange County Volleyball Camps Aug 10-11 Anaheim, CA $145 American Sports Center Sterling Volleyball Camps Oct 26-27 Sterling (fall), VA $145 TBD Cincinnati Volleyball Camps Nov 1-2, Cincinnati, OH NEW! $145 Sports Plus Minneapolis Volleyball Camp Nov 8-9 Minneapolis, MN $140 High Performance Academy Hatboro Volleyball Camps Nov 23-24, Hatboro, PA $145 Kelly Bolish gym Chicago Volleyball Camps Dec 6-7 Chicago, IL $145 Top Flight Volleyball Club San Antonio Volleyball Camps Dec 14-15 San Antonio, TX NEW! $145 Factory of Champions


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